What is a SKAG Campaign?

In a few words a SKAG campaign is a Google Ads campaign where you have only one keyword in each ad group. We have written a big article on this here.

This blog post will show you how to build this campaign type easily.

Feeling lazy? Use our SKAG Generator which does everything written here and more automatically for you!

How a SKAG Campaign looks like?

There are many variations of a SKAG campaign, in this post we will cover the most common and most used one. At the end we will also go through a couple of variations and we will see when it makes sense to build a different SKAG campaign.

SKAG stands for Single Keyword Ad Group, and as the name implies you need to add only one keyword for each ad group, however this doesn't mean only one match type. We usually suggest to add your keywords as exact match type, phrase match type and broad with modifiers. We do not add only the broad match type because it often just leads to a lot of irrelevant traffic.

A SKAG campaign has the keyword as "headline one" in each ad, since you have only one keyword in each ad group for each keyword you will have unique ads, so you will be able to add your keyword in the headline without issues.

That's it, really! That's how simple it is to build one of the best google ads campaign structure!

A SKAG campaign example

Let's imagine that we sell books and we want to create a SKAG campaign for our top performing keywords:

  • History Books
  • Geography Books
  • Math Books

This is how a perfect SKAG Campaign should look like (This is a screenshot of how our SKAG Generator would build the campaign):

skag campaign google ads

The negatives keywords are automatically added by our software, they make sure that your ads don't compete with each other. If you want to create SKAGs manually simply cross negate every keyword as negative, but be careful because if you do it manually it is very easy to completely block some of your ad groups.

Other SKAG Types:

There isn't a perfect SKAG campaign, so it's important that whatever you decide to do you keep on testing, iterating a try new campaigns. A very common variation is to use only the exact match type for SKAGs. Other variations include to add close synonyms in the same ad group or to create an ad group for each match type.

In summary:

To build a perfect SKAG Campaign you need to:

  1. Add one keyword in each ad group. 3 match types for keyword. So in total you will have 3 match types in each ad group.
  2. Create at least 2 ads for each ad group.
  3. (Optional) Cross negate every ad group with each other.

That's it! It's a quick process which can drastically improve your ad performance!

If you need to do it for a lot of keywords, do check our tool at fiuti.com/app/campaing-builder