Boost your sales with SKAGs

The main idea behind single keyword ad groups (SKAGs) is to have each keyword pointing to a specific ad.
This will automatically increase your CTR and Quality score

Without SKAGs:

3/10 Quality Score

Your ads are generic, often lead to wrong search terms and your CTR is poor

With SKAGs 10/10 Quality Score

10/10 Quality Score

Your ads are specific, the seach term is in the headline and CTR is high

Not convinced?

That's ok. Read what the world's top marketing experts think regarding SKAGs

The Single Keyword Ad Group (SKAG) approach is one of the fastest ways to elevate your click-through-rates, quality scores, and most importantly, the money that you’re making. [...] Moral of the story? Don’t worry about Jons. Worry about your account and only doing things that actually make you more money. I’ll bet that SKAGs will definitely help with that endeavor 😉

Yeah, you read that right. SKAGs not only improve the actual performance of your ads, but they also save you money too. [...] The logic is pretty straightforward: You don’t want to pay for clicks that have little to no chance of converting — that’s just throwing your money on the pyre.

The single most important change I’ve ever made on Google AdWords was switching up my account structure. [...] Clicteq, a London PPC agency, was able to increase their ad group CTR by 28.1% (from 3.85% to 4.93%) over two months by implementing this strategy!

The term SKAG stands for Single Keyword Ad Groups. They are a way that many paid search professionals structure their AdWords accounts. When I implemented this structure, I could see their benefit, almost immediately, and I honestly think that you can too. [...] Holy-guacamole are these fantastic. Actually, to quote Tony The Tiger --- They’re Grreeeeaat! All puns aside though, this type of structure is actually really powerful.

There are like an other 1.000+ articles out there saying how awesome SKAGs are, just Google for them, or even better try a SKAG campaign your self!