Docs & Help:

What's Fiuti?

Fiuti is a tool which helps you build google ads campaigns faster

What's a Single Keyword Ad Group

Single Keyword ad groups is a technique used by top marketeers to increase CTR and reduce CPC. The idea is to have only one keyword per ad group. Fiuti can build perfect SKAG campaigns in a couple of clicks

What's a Single Theme Ad Group

Single Theme ad groups is an other technique used by marketeers worldwide. It consists on grouping related keywords in small ad groups. Fiuti can build perfect STAG campaigns in a couple of clicks

Can I use a custom URL for each ad group?

Yes, we have a feature called "custom variables" just for this type of situations. When you are editing your ads below you can open a dropdown and add custom variables for each ad group. have a look at this video

How many ad groups it can generate?

We don't have a hard limit, however we test the tool regularly for a maximum of 1.000 Ad Groups for each export. A campiagn with more than 1.000 ad groups is never a good idea. We suggest to have SKAGs for the top performing keywords and single theme ad groups for the rest. This is on of the best campaign structure you can have today and it's actually very easy to manage, improve and optimize.

I want a campaign with 5000+ ad groups

It's not something we reccomend but if you really want to simply switch the negative keyword generator off and don't use custom variables. Doing that the tool will have no issues building very large campaigns

How does it work?

The tool will create a CSV file with all the campaign data inside. You can then upload the CSV file to your account with a couple of clicks using the Google Ads Editor APP (We have a video tutorial for that)

What's your refund policy?

30 days no question asked on any plan

What's your cancellation policy?

You can cancel at any time from your account with a click

Something else?

If you need help or have any question simply reach out via live chat, we try to answer there as quickly as possible. Otherwise feel free to email us at