A complete Google Ads campaign builder.

Fiuti is a platform that helps build Google Ads campaigns 20x faster
with a couple of clicks with our proprietary set of tools.


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Keyword planner

Generate loads of new & relevant keywords with our keyword planner tool. Sort by competition and volume.

Keyword planner

Campaign builder

Build any type of Google Ads campaign in minutes.
Automatically generate single keyword ad groups (SKAGs) or build theme ad groups (STAGs).
Download your campaign as a Google Ads editor compatible CSV file.

Try one of the examples.

Campaign Builder

Ads & extension generator

Automatically append and prepend keywords. Include even more information with your ads, such as location information, links to pages on your website, and your phone number all with one click.

Ads & extension generator

Keyword mixer

Automatically append and prepend keywords. Generate different match types with one click.

Keyword Mixer

How does Fiuti work?

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Marketers from around world are using Fiuti to generate high performing campaigns faster.

  • "Really love the simple & fast editing of ads!"Tilen from Pixel.si
  • "Super impressed by the tool & customer support already"Thomas from Boomn
  • "Before, it took me about 5 hours just to get my own single keyword ad group structure right. [...] Fiuti literally cut that down to less than 30 minutes"Kenn from Monolith Growth
  • "The tool saves a ton of time when creating SKAG-s and helps increase your CTR with dynamic keyword placement."Tilen from Pixel.si
  • Fiuti is quickly becoming one of our most valuable tools! Our team can now test new marketing campaigns at a much faster pace. Simple but powerful.George Bradley, founder at ETM Digital

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