Hello I’m Diana 👋

I'm the owner, marketing, designer, customer support, and sometimes engineer of Fiuti, a campaign builder for Google Ads.

I’m based in New York, USA but I love to travel the world. 🌎

I've spent 10+ years doing business development at ad tech / media startups helping them scale from early days to formidable forces in the industry they played in.

Fiuti was built because I was tired of investing 5 hours to have a good structured Google Ads campaign. 😒

So, I’ve simplified the campaign creation process with powerful tools that allow you to run faster, do more, and drive ultimate results for your clients.

Now with Fiuti it only takes me 15-30 minutes to translate what I have in mind to activate my campaign. 🚀

But what does Fiuti mean? Fiuti is an Italian word, which means to “sniff something out”. So you can say we help you sniff out the best campaign structure 😉 (Cheesy? Maybe. Effective? Definitely!)

If you want, you can find me on Twitter or Linkedin or you can send me an email anytime to diana@fiuti.com.

Also, Follow Fiuti at Linkedin and Facebook or get in touch directly help@fiuti.com.