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SKAGs & STAGs are one of the best thing you can do to boost your quality score and reduce your CPC. Stop over-spending!

What are SKAGs?

SKAG, stands for single keyword ad group, it means adding one keyword (with different match types) for each ad groups.

This means that you would have one or more ads for each keyword, creating incredibly relevant ads which will boost your quality score and CTR, while also lowering your CPC! Creating SKAGs manually is very time consuming, but with Fiuti you will be done in minutes!

Try it! Type your main keywords here

Try it! Type your main topics here

What are STAGs?

STAG, stands for single topic ad group, it means adding just a few related keywords (with different match types) for each ad groups.

This can sometimes be easier to manage than SKAGs while still having the same core benefits, like a very high ad relevancy and a high CTR. Wheather you prefer SKAGs or STAGs or a compleatley different campaign structure Fiuti can help you set it up in minutes!

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Fiuti literally cut that down to less than 30 minutes for me with MORE settings and has saved me a significant amount of time. I cannot recommend this tool enough.

Kenn Costales, Lead Consultant, Monolith Growth Consulting

Fiuti is quickly becoming one of our most valuable tools! Our team can now test new marketing campaigns at a much faster pace. Simple but powerful.

George Bradley Founder & CEO, ETM Digital

The tool saves a ton of time when creating SKAG-s and helps increase your CTR with dynamic keyword placement. Highly recommended.

Tilen Krivec from