Get ridiculously high commission with the Fiuti Affiliate Program

An Affiliate Program that Generates Income and Goodwill for You.


Fiuti is a SaaS that helps build Google Ads campaigns 20x faster with a couple of clicks with our proprietary software.

  • 4M+ people advertise of Google Ads each year so the addressable market is huge
  • Get 40% commission for every converted lead you send us, forever!
  • Here's how it works:

    1. Keyword planner

    Marketers can discover a host of new & relevant keywords with our keyword planner tool. Sort by competition and volume.

    Keyword Planner

    2. Campaign builder

    Build Single Keyword Ad Group (SKAGs) or Single Theme Ad Groups (STAGs) in minutes instead of hours. Download the campaign as a Google Ads editor compatible CSV file.

    Try one of the examples.

    Campaign Builder

    3. Ads & extension generator

    Include even more information with ads by utilizing expanded text ads, responsive search ads, and more.

    Extension Generator

    4. Keyword mixer

    Automatically append and prepend keywords to generate loads of new keywords to use. Generate different match types with one click.

    Keyword Mixer

    Marketing experts love Fiuti:

    Fiuti is quickly becoming one of our most valuable tools! Our team can now test new marketing campaigns at a much faster pace. Simple but powerful.
    George Bradley George Bradley
    EMT Digital
    Before, it took me about 5 hours just to get my SKAG structure right. The amount of work required was immense. Fiuti literally cut that down to less than 30 minutes & has saved me a significant amount of time. I cannot recommend this tool enough.
    Kenn Constales Kenn Constales
    Monolith Growth
    Fuiti has been an amazing tool that just keeps getting better! As an agency, Fuiti saves several hours of time creating single keyword ad groups on each new account. For the price you can't beat it.
    Preston Powell Preston Powell

    Customers generate high performing Google Ads campaigns 20X faster.

    As a Fiuti affiliate, all you have to do is promote your software to your customer list. That’s it. Customers get to try the product directly in our editor.

    In return you earn 40% for every converted lead you send us for as long as they stay customers!

    Let's do the math:

  • Product price:
  • Fiuti offers 2 pricing plans: monthly at $65 per month, and quarterly at $49 per month. The average order value is $57.

  • Affiliate Earnings:
  • Earn 40% for every converted lead you send us for as long as the customer stays a client. This means ~$23 for the first month and ~$274 for the first year without any limits or restrictions on timeline or how many leads you drive.

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    Here is how Fiuti can be positioned:

    4M+ people advertise on Google

    PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase something than organic visitors making buying on Google Ads one of the most powerful acquisition channels for marketers across the globe.


    responsive ads in Google Ads

    Use in any niche

    Fiuti can be used in any niche thereby providing it mass appeal. You don’t need to segregate the customers whom you can promote Fiuti to. Just promote it to everyone on your list as the software benefits everyone!

    responsive ads in Google Ads

    Fiuti is a long term solution

    This is just the initial version of the software. With time and feedback, we’ll be making increments and upgrades that will keep improving your customers’ experience.

    responsive ads in Google Ads

    Get your life back

    Optimizing your Google Ads account can take hours to do — get your life back and move onto other things with Fiuti’s platform.

    responsive ads in Google Ads